Our offer

Our offer

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal support services to entrepreneurs from the numerous branches of business. We specialise in the area of transaction advisory services in merger and acquisition (M&A) processes, as well as in corporate and real estate law. Our lawyers represent the Law Firm's Clients in numerous court and arbitration proceedings.

Private Equity / Venture Capital

We provide comprehensive legal representation in the case of investment on the private capital market.  We advise on legal issues connected with the investment structure and form in which capital is acquired, as well as with relations between investors and entities which acquire capital, including start-ups. As regard capital investment, we handle both investments made by private equity, venture capital and seed capital funds.
The scope of the services provided by the Law Firm is as follows:
  • due diligence of the object of the transaction;
  • preparation of the legal and tax structure of the transaction;
  • drafting of transaction documentation;
  • representation during negotiations;
  • representation before bodies and institutions to the extent necessary to close the transaction;
  • post-transaction legal representation which covers supervision over compliance with the investment's assumptions and enforcement of the obligations under the investment agreement;
  • handling divestment.

M&A Transactions

  • advisory services in procedures aimed at mergers and divisions of commercial law companies;
  • transaction advisory services in the area of share deals and asset deals in corporations, including the use of fund and offshore structures;
  • conducting due diligence;
  • designing transaction structures;
  • drawing up and negotiating all agreements connected with the transaction, including investment agreements, shareholder agreements, as well as security agreements and agreements connected with external financing of the transaction.

Services for Corporations

  • providing advisory services in the field of operation and proceeding of governing bodies of commercial law companies;
  • providing advisory services in procedures of increasing and decreasing the share capital, with the use of the above-mentioned services for transaction and tax purposes;
  • drawing up corporate documents for all types of commercial law companies;
  • providing advisory services in corporate disputes;
  • providing advisory services in procedures of transformation and liquidation of commercial law companies.

Real Estate Market

  • real estate due diligence;
  • providing advisory services in regulating the real estate's legal status for the needs of the transaction;
  • identification of the legal risk and providing advisory services as regards its mitigation;
  • drawing up and negotiating all agreements connected with real estate transactions, including real estate purchase agreements, as well as security agreements and agreements connected with external financing of the transaction;
  • providing advisory services as regards preparation of the most favourable financial and tax solutions, conducting negotiations related to purchasing real estate;
  • checking and negotiating commercial real estate rent/lease agreements;
  • providing advisory services in investment processes, including as regards obtaining administrative permits required by the law;
  • providing advisory services as regards financing and refinancing of investment projects and real estate purchase transactions;
  • comprehensive handling of development projects.

Court Representation

  • representation in proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction of all instances and the Supreme Court;
  • representation in proceedings before arbitration courts;
  • representation in proceedings before administrative courts;
  • drawing up and negotiation court and out-of-court settlements.

Debt Collection

  • court debt collection;
  • providing advisory services as regards securing repayment of amounts due, including bond and material collateral;
  • representation in enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims;
  • cooperation with bailiff offices throughout Poland.

Cooperation with Eastern European countries

  • cooperation with law offices from Ukraine, Russia and from the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS);
  • debt collection and recovery of receivables in Eastern Europe;
  • solving legal problems relating to payment backlog with contractors from Eastern Europe;
  • establishing economic structures and supporting business in Eastern European countries;
  • granting professional and comprehensive assistance with regard to issues on conclusion of transactions in the markets within scope of eastern Europe.
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